niedziela, 20 stycznia 2008

Nujabes - Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection (2007)

1 "Voice of Autumn"
2 "Sky Is Falling" (featuring CL Smooth)
3 "Waltz for Life Will Born" (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
4 "Imaginary Folklore" (featuring Clammbon)
5 "Hikari" (featuring Substantial)
6 "Counting Stars"
7 "Another Reflection"
8 "Fly By Night" (featuring Five Deez)
9 "Old Light (Voices from 93 Million Miles Away Remix)" (featuring Pase Rock)
10 "With Rainy Eyes" (featuring Emancipator)
11 "Luv (Sic)(Modal Soul Remix)" (featuring Shing02)
12 "Windspeaks" (featuring Uyama Hiroto)
13 "Winter Lane (Nujabes Remix)" (featuring DSK)
14 "After Hanabi (Listen To My Beats)"


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