piątek, 20 czerwca 2008

Kam Moye aka Supastition - Self-Centered (EP 2008)


01. Where & Why (Produced by D.R.)
02. Welcome to My Life (Produced by Croup)
03. Change of Heart (Produced by M-Phazes)
04. Reach One (feat. Kaze) (Produced by Eric G)
05. Around the World (feat. DJ Wreckineyez) (Produced by Veterano)
06. Black Enough? (Produced by Eric G)
07. Give It Up (Produced by D.R.)
08. Self-Centered (Produced by D.R.)


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groovaloo pisze...

Hey from California! Thanks for all the great music, but I can't get this .zip to open.

I downloaded it from Badongo, Megaupload, and zShare, but none of them open - it just says "error."